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The Evolution of Cash Management & Why the Future of Cash is Automated

January 9, 2019

Safety was and continues to be one of the biggest concerns in cash management. The concept of cash management equipment essentially started as a singular equipment, a drop safe, where employees manually deposited cash into a hard metal safe to prevent...

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Automation Technology Now Drives Tech Era Cash Insight into Retail

October 16, 2018

Powerful analytics software is now providing operational insight and visibility far beyond transactional data; it is providing a platform for HR, IT, loss prevention and treasury to derive value apart from the monetary value of the payments themselves...

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Cash Management Technology Poised to Level Analytical Playing Field

October 11, 2018

Despite the hype surrounding a cashless society, cash remains firmly entrenched as a payment method and demand for currency is steadily rising. With more than 1.43 trillion U.S notes in circulation, cash accounts for 55 percent of all in-person payments of $10 USD or less...

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