Smart POS Solutions

Reduce Shrinkage

Instantly validate to prevent counterfeits, while automatically processing every note for accurate deposit counts every time.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce the amount of cash required in your tills by efficiently recycling the cash in your business with SPS.

Improve Security

SPS fully automates your cash handling at the point of sale, speeding up the process and allowing you to spend less time managing your cash.

Technical Specifications

Speed1 Note per second deposit/dispense
Storage200 Notes
Total Capacity600 Notes
Recycling Storage100 Notes per Denomination, 4 Denominations (400 Notes Total)
Cash TransportTransport Unit 1200 Notes
CurrencyMulti-Currency as Option
Width300mm (11.8in)
Height807(856)mm (31.8in)
Depth440mm (17.3in)
Safe Grade2mm Steel Front Access

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