Smart Deposit Solutions

Reduce Shrinkage

Instantly validate to prevent counterfeits, while automatically processing every note for accurate deposit counts every time.

Increase Efficiency

Empower your employees to confidently accept larger value notes, while reducing touchpoints, which saves your business time and resources.

Improve Security

Keep your employees and capital safe. Monitor your cash flow using our CashCompleteTM Connect software platform.

Technical Specifications

Speed1,000 banknotes per minute
Note Packing, Heat Seal Bag5,000 or 10,000 notes
Note Packing, Cassette1,200 or 2,200 notes
Width510 mm (20.1in)
Height1,300 mm (51.2in)
Depth610 mm (24.0in)
Power Supply240 VAC 50Hz
RegulatorySafe UL 291 Compliant, RoHS Compliant

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